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Welcome to the Nanostandards-Wiki!

This Wiki is intended to be an information platform for the community which is interested in standards related to nanotechnology. The Nanostandards-Wiki shall help to exchange information about the ongoing standardization activities in the different Standards Development Organizations (SDO).

The Wiki concept was selected instead of a conventional internet accessible database because it is the most flexible way for collaborative work within a large community of stakeholders. It enables anyone to contribute or modify content, using a simplified way to edit websites. The internet encyclopedia Wikipedia demonstrated that a Wiki is a powerful and effective way to collect information especially if the area of interest is heterogen and not well structured. Therefore the initiators of the Nanostandards-Wiki think that a Wiki is the right platform for interaction in the field of nanotechnology standardization where a lot of different Standards Development Organizations are active on national, regional and international level.

  • Authors from the standardization community are recommended to write articles relevant to nanotechnology standardization and allocate them into the Nanostandards-Wiki. In this content is important to note that the information in the Nanostandards-Wiki has no normative character unless there is a reference to an international standard developed under the rules of the WTO.
  • Monitoring of ongoing standardization activities on national and international level is most important to ensure coordination and prevent from double work. Therefore members of the nanotechnology standardization community should add all known published standards, standards under preparation and other documents produced by the Standards Development Organizations if they are relevant to nanotechnology.

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